Беременная фанатка фитнеса поразила своим поступком в больнице перед родами: видеофакт

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Анна Строд

Жительница австралийского города Мельбурн провела тренировку по фитнесу, во время нахождения в больничной палате, где ожидала начала родов. Видеозапись 32-летняя Анна Строд (Anna Strode) опубликовала на своей странице Instagram, собрав за две недели порядка 80 тысяч просмотров.

Видео дня

За несколько дней до этого женщина разместила снимок с новорожденным ребенком. Предполагается, что видео с тренировки спортсменка залила в социальную сеть после успешных родов.


Wow, what a day for little miss Madi Grace. She arrived into the world via vaginal birth at 8.18am on 7/07/17 ???? I'll talk more about the birth in a dedicated post once we get out of hospital as even though the twins were also born vaginally both experiences were COMPLETELY different! This afternoon Madi met her big brothers Lachie and Sammy and they are both so incredibly smitten, they wouldn't stop hugging and kissing her and trying to hold her all on their own ???? I'm quite sore and completely exhausted and also quite emotional. I just hope I can be strong and brave enough to be the best mama possible to our gorgeous children. I know many mamas will relate to the fears and anxieties of adding another bubba to the family and I'm hoping by sharing my experiences you can find comfort in the fact that you're not alone. I must sleep now while I can between little Madi's feeds but I promise to keep you all updated. Thankyou for all your love and support ???? as always, you guys rock ???

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Ранее боксерская тренировка популярной фитоняшки на 9-м месяце беременности вызвала гнев в соцсетях.